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Payment Processing

Streamline support, lower processing fees, and simplify reconciliation processing with one secure, award-winning platform designed for higher education billing solutions. Both SmartPay, which eliminates credit card transaction processing charges to boost revenue, and CampusPay, which allows schools to absorb fees to reduce the burden on students and families, use a multi-layered approach to protect data privacy while offering convenient ways to pay and accept tuition and other payments.

Payment Plans

Give every student a greater chance at success with a choice of full-service, flexible payment plans that help them reduce debt or avoid it altogether. Full-service Payment Plans provide a complete suite of functionality, while Promise to Pay plans bridge a gap for students waiting for their secured financial aid to be deposited in their accounts.

International Payments

Simplify international payment processing and reconciliation with one platform so transactions are secure and compliant. Supports students from more than 162 countries, accepts 134 currencies and offers faster disbursements. No additional cost to add International Payments to the ePayment or eMarket modules.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are quickly becoming the go-to payment method for many consumers, and our platform supports major digital wallets such as Google Pay™ and Apple Pay™. This means that students and faculty can now make payments using their mobile devices, without the need to carry cash or cards. By enabling digital wallet payments on campus, you can provide a seamless and secure payment experience for your students and faculty.

Student Financial Agreement (SFA)

Student Financial Agreements give students information about financial policies regarding their enrollment and tuition. By requiring students to sign these documents, they acknowledge that they understand the cost of their education and the policies regarding payments and collection.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal is a flexible payment solution that allows students to pay securely – in person or over the phone.


Offer students 24/7 convenience for retail, food, recreation, and other in-person and online campus purchases with customizable online storefronts. The eMarket suite includes Payment Processing with Virtual Terminal, Mobile Payment for iPad, and Assisted Payments.

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